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EcoGen Technologies Launch

It was an occasion to remember. A night of amazing conversations, drinks, and great minds thinking alike. The EcoGen Technologies Product Launch was sure an absolute blast. A sustainable crypto mining agenda, with a live fireside chat with the founders, that enlightened us about the project.

EcoGen Technologies is developing off-grid transportable power hubs using renewable energy sources. They envision generating ecologically sustainable solutions at the intersection of energy and finance. These hubs both mine cryptocurrency and harvest energy, using surplus energy to create passive income and convert it into fiat currency. This gives remote communities access to electricity to light their homes, power their appliances, and potentially raise the income generated by the communities passively.

What makes it unique?

Unlike other green crypto farms, EcoGen Technologies is developing off-grid transportable power hubs using renewable energy sources in developing countries. The mission and greatest goal within the crypto world at this time is to find a sustainable solution to mining cryptocurrencies. Once these mines are built in the local communities of countries such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka, power, electricity and running water get generated back to the locals. Furthermore, there are no other sustainable crypto farms that give remote communities access to the basic need for electricity and power to live comfortably. Thus, this product has brought a solution that is set to attract both crypto-curious and ESG-conscious investors with its win-win approach.

Why has ZCV been involved?

EcoGen Technologies can mine crypto currency without the guilt of pollution and the use of dirty energy sources, whilst also giving communities in developing countries access to electricity that will help their communities. It is a profit for purpose initiative that has potential. And so, the launch was a memorable evening that sets the stage for all enthusiasts and businesses alike to come together in a space tailored for them to think, ask, and engage in this new and exciting space.

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