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How COVID-19 is Impacting Supply and Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted a number of sectors, and its influence on global markets is evident in economics. COVID-19 has an influence on every aspect of the economy, although it is most noticeable in the supply and demand chain.


Supply Shock

Business closures all across the world have contributed to a tremendous economic shock and policymakers have hurried in an attempt to limit the impact. To many, it appeared to be an obvious supply shock—a word used to describe when an incident disrupts the production of products and services. Multiple businesses have closed as a result of the abrupt impact of newly implemented pandemic measures, resulting in employee layoffs and a slew of other events that have thrown the economy into disarray.

Demand Shock

The demand for necessary commodities grew tremendously in the days leading up to the lockdown, according to reports. Consumers were unclear when the lockdown limitations would be lifted, so they wanted to be prepared in case something unexpected happened. As a result, as supply declined, demand climbed and firms were able to earn more. Non-essential company owners, on the other hand, were not so lucky. Due to a change in income – such as redundancy, temporary wage decrease or unemployment – many customers saw non-essential things as unachievable with a high value. Furthermore, the demand deficiencies correlate to numerous sectors. An example of this, would be the closing of gys and thus the demand for workout apparel has lessened as well.


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